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Oze National Park

Yashiro Lodge

Yashiro Lodge

Hello, this is Yashiro Lodge, a mountain lodge in Oze.
We will provide you with the latest information on the mountain and flowers in their seasonal splendor.

 Rate Information

 About the use of the lodge


We serve Japanese supper that is flavorful and colorful. Breakfast is mainly fish and vegetables.
Supper (starting from 17:30) / Breakfast (starting from 6:00) both self-service in the dining room, first-come-first-served system.
【Food allergy】
We can serve you substitutes for eggs or soba, etc., but we can not deal with complete removal of wheat or soybeans, etc..
If you want to stay here, you may cook for yourself, or plan to take a day trip from the accommodation at the foot of a mountain.

Use of the bath

Bath time
Generally 15:30 ~ before supper (We will announce the start time.)
Although a combined septic tank is installed for wastewater treatment, please refrain from using soap and shampoo in the bathroom as we are located at the uppermost stream region of the marshland. Not useing soap is a rule of the mountain lodges in Oze.

Lights out

Lights out is 21:00. Electricity in the guest rooms lodges off automatically due to the shift to private power generation. Since early morning departure is a principle at mountain lodges, please keep the noise down and go to bed immediately after lights out.

Early departure in the morning

If you are planning to leave early in the morning, please let us know at the time of check- in.

Room allocation

It's customary to share rooms at mountain lodges.
Except for busy days, we will consider to arrange private rooms for a group when possible.


The whole building is a non-smoking property.


There are no trash cans in the lodge.
Please take your own trash home with you.

About the use of the Lodge

Cancel reservation

Sudden weather changes, poor shape and injuries, delay of arrival times, etc. Don't overwork yourself. You will have the opportunity to come here again. We don't charge a cancellation fee for that day. For distress countermeasures, please be sure to contact us from the nearest point as soon as possible.
Direct line:090-8316-2864
Info Center:027-221-4122

 What kind of place is a mountain lodge?

What kind of place is a mountain Lodge?

Essential requirements of a mountain lodge

  1. Mountain lodges support hikers to enjoy safe climbing. They provide a resting space and meals so they can rest, sleep, and condition their bodies for the mountain walking the next day.
  2. When weather changes suddenly, it becomes a shelter for an influx of climbers.
  3. Especially in such emergency situations, taking advantage of their expertise in mountain, a lodge’s staff will make a fair judgment and advise the climbers with firm instructions.

For the above reasons, using a vessel as an analogy to describe a mountain lodge, it is certainly not a passenger ship intended to provide luxury accommodation, but more like a car ferry as a means of transportation.

According to the accommodation category, a mountain lodge is classified as “cheap lodging house”.
In mountain lodge operations, we are struggling with some tough challenges such as securing employees, capital investment, and maintenance management during the winter. All of these are attributed to the operational predicaments unique to our geographical conditions - a mountain range location without road ways, severe weather conditions, various regulatory restraints, and a short operational period limited to summer, etc.
Nowadays, thanks to improved transportation networks and access, more than half of the visitors to Oze are day-trippers. In addition, the spread of satellite phones has made it much easier for us to control reservations. As a result, it seems the problem of high concentrations of visitors have been resolved. From time to time, however, there is nevertheless a possibility of surges in reservation requests. In such occasions, we might have to ask our guests to share rooms. This is an impeding concern that we have to address, keeping in mind the balance between privacy and room charge.

In Oze, there are three annual peak seasons: Skunk cabbage (Mizubasho) season in June, Daylily (Nikko-kisuge) season in late July, and autumn color season in October. There is a massive influx of reservations on Saturdays in each peak season, as well as on Marine Day (the third Monday in July). These days are so called “the busiest time of the peak”.


On a usual day, on the other hand, we can offer either a 4.5 or 6-mat room for a 2-person group, and about a 8-mat room for a 4-person group. If you wish to have a relaxing time at our lodge during the peak blooming season or autumn color season, we recommend you arrange an itinerary avoiding those busiest days.

In addition to the above-mentioned three essential requirements of a mountain lodge, we try to provide not only a clean and tidy accommodation and comfortable meals, but also to use a little ingenuity in jovial customer service so that mountain lovers can have a comfortable, relaxing time at our lodge and hopefully become a repeat user of our service.

 Yashiro / Yashiro Shimizu

Founder, "Tachibana Yashiro"

About the founder, "Tachibana Yashiro"

It was the summer of 1888 (the 21st in the Meiji era) when a 14-year-old boy, Tachibana Yashiro, took his first journey into Oze, setting off down the Numata road back then. He made deep inroads into the Ozegahara Marshland via Ozenuma Lake, exploring his way through slashes to finally find this beautiful landscape for the first time. It was unforgettable beauty he had never seen before.

From the following year, he made frequent visits to this place to hone his skill as a fisherman. Eventually, he was said to be spending much time here even till late in the autumn when snow began to fall. Around this time, climbers gradually came to be seen in twos and threes on this marshland.

In April of 1921 (the 7th in the Showa era), Yashiro built a mountain lodge on his own. The photos hung in the hall conjure up the images of those hard days.

Photos taken during the expansion of the lodge in Showa 17.
Right ⇒ the founder of Yashiro Lodge, "Yashiro".
Left ⇒ the founder of Ryugu Lodge, "Sueyoshi".

Live as a fisherman life

Live as a fisherman life

Tadami River mainstream (late June)

At snowmelt-swollen Tadami River, he was one of the professional fishermen, who had been challenging the river with a “Tenkara fishing rod” day after day for 60-odd years.

Currently, conservation activities, such as the release of hatchery fish, are supported by certified local fishery operators in both Katashina and Hinoemata village.

About Yashiro Shimizu

About Yashiro Shimizu

The spring water, known familiarly as “Yashiro Shimizu”, provided a springboard for the founder "Yashiro Tachibana" to build a lodge in this location, which is still gushing out in front of the lodge, supplying fresh water for hikers to rinse their limbs or quench their thirst.