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Oze National Park

Yashiro Lodge

Yashiro Lodge

Hello, this is Yashiro Lodge, a mountain lodge in Oze.
We will provide you with the latest information on the mountain and flowers in their seasonal splendor.

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How to make a reservation
・From the calendar, select Click either ○ or ▲ symbol on the calender to proceed to the reservation form.
・Please enter necessary information on the next screen and send it.
・You will receive an auto-reply message from the system,but please note that your reservation is not yet “confirmed” at this time.
・As a rule, a booking confirmation mail will be sent within 24 hours.
・Online reservation is available until 2 days before your stay; after that please call us.
We also accept reservations by telephone.(Maebashi Info Center:(+81)27-221-4122

【○】Rooms are available  【▲】Please make your reservation ASAP  【×】No Availability
【相○個×】Shared room available  【☆】Event Day  【休】Closed

Please make a reservation from the above calendar or call us(Maebashi Info Center:(+81)27-221-4122

Reservations and inquiries

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