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Oze National Park

Yashiro Lodge

Yashiro Lodge

Hello, this is Yashiro Lodge, a mountain lodge in Oze.
We will provide you with the latest information on the mountain and flowers in their seasonal splendor.

Sketch map of Oze / Map of the surrounding area

Access map

 By public transportation

By public transportation

 By car

By car

Gunma pref Access from Gumma Pref

By public transportation

JR Joetsu Shinkansen

Tokyo Sta.(75min) ⇒ Jomo-Kogen(by bus 110min) ⇒ Oze Tokura

JR Takasaki / Joetsu line

Ueno Sta.(120min) ⇒ Numata Sta.(by bus 95min) ⇒ Oze Tokura

Express Bus "Oze" : Kan-etsu Transportation

Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal ⇒ Kan-etsu Expressway Numata I.C ⇒ Tokura-Oshimizu
(Duration: 4h 25min by daytime liner bus)

Oze Express Bus Service : Kan-etsu Transportation

By car

Kan-Etsu Expressway

Kan-Etsu Expressway Numata I.C ⇒ R120(to Nikko approx 30km) ⇒ Turn left at Kamata ⇒ Oze Tokura

Note : Please note that no private motor vehicles are allowed in Oze; there is an entry restriction at Hatomachi-toge (pass).

Information on traffic measures at Hatomachi-Toge.

Access to Yashiro Lodge

Oze Tokura ~ 20min by suttle bus ⇒ Hatomachi-toge(Elevation: 1,600m) 3.3km by walk(approx 60min) ⇒ Yamanohana(Elevation: 1,400m) 6km by walk(approx 120min) ⇒ Yashiro Lodge(Elevation: 1,400m)

Share-ride bus and wagon taxi are running from “Oze 1st parking lot” “Oze 2nd parking lot” and “Oze 3nd parking lot(Snow park Oze Tokura)” in Tokura, Katashina village from around 4:00 in the morning till around 17:00 in the evening.
As soon as the 1st parking lot is full, park in the 2nd parking lot. Please tell the driver of which parking you will get off at Hatomachi-toge on your return trip.
Kan-etsu Transportation(Share-ride bus and wagon taxi Tokura - Hatomachi-toge)

Local Bus for Numata Sta. and Jomo-Kogen Sta. ⇔ Hatomachi-toge, Oshimizu and Fujimishita
Kan-etsu Transportation(Local Bus Katashina Oze Marunuma Nikko)

From Hatomachi-toge

Mt.Shibutsu course

Open date:Jury 1st 2017
Open area:Yamanohana - Mt. Shibutsu Peak - Hatomachi-toge

  • Hatomachi-toge(4.5km)150min ⇒ Mt. Shibutsu(Elevation: 2,228m)
    Mt. Shibutsu(2.9km)120min ⇒ Yamanohana(4.4km)90min ⇒ Ryugu
    Ryugu(1.6km)30min ⇒ Yashiro Lodge

  • Hatomachi-toge(3.3km)60min ⇒ Yamanohana(4.4km)90min ⇒ Ryugu
    Ryugu(1.6km)30min ⇒ Yashiro Lodge

Ayamedaira course

  • Hatomachi-toge(5.0km)120min ⇒ Ayamedaira(1.6km)25min ⇒ Fujimi-toge(6.3km)120min ⇒ Yashiro Lodge

Sanjo-no Taki Falls course

  • Miharashi(3.7km)90min ⇒ Sanjo-no Taki Falls viewing platform

Mt.Hiuchi course

  • Miharashi(4.4km)210min ⇒ Mt. Hiuchi(Elevation: 2,356m)

From Fujimi-toge

  • Fujimishita(7.0km)150min ⇒ Fujimi-toge(6.3km)120min ⇒ Yashiro Lodge
  • Fujimi-toge(4.2km)100min ⇒ Ryugu(1.6km)30min ⇒ Yashiro Lodge

From Oshimizu

  • Oshimizu(6.0km)165min ⇒ Sanpei-toge ⇒ Shouth route(4.0km)75min ⇒ Nujiri(5.0km)120min ⇒ Yashiro Lodge
  • Sanpei-toge ⇒ North route(4.7km)105min ⇒ Nujiri(5.0km)120min ⇒ Yashiro Lodge


  • The walk time of each course does not include resting time, etc.
    It varies from person to person, or when taking the opposite direction.
  • Oze is a cold upland located at an altitude of 1,400m and above with much rain throughout the year.
    Please make sure to bring protection against cold, such as rain gear, spare clothing, socks, sweater, and jacket, etc.
  • Please stay on the wooden plank path.
    Stepping into the marshland and collecting plants or animals are strictly prohibited.
  • There are no trash cans in Oze. Please bring a trash bag to take your trash home.
  • Waterproof outdoor shoes are recommended.
  • The duration of each course is just for reference. Actual time will depend upon age, experience, and physical strength of the hiker.

Fukushima Pref Access from Fukushima Pref

By public transportation

By Bus

Aizukogen-Ozeguchi Sta. ⇔ Oze-Numayama-toge
Aizu Bus in Japanese

Oze-Miike ⇔ Numayama-toge : Oze SLodgetle bus
Aizu Bus : Oze -Miike to Numayama-toge : Oze SLodgetle bus in Japanese
Jun 1st to Aug 15th (4:30am to 4:50pm)
Aug 16th to Oct 31st (5:30am to 4:50pm)

By Train

Tobu line Asakusa Sta.(160min) ⇒ Aizukogen-Ozeguchi Sta.
Time table and Route search "HyperDia"

  • Aizukogen-Ozeguchi Sta.~by bus(90min) ⇒ Hinoemataonsen ⇒ Numayama-toge(120min)(Elevation:1,800m) ⇒ Nujiri(120min) ⇒ Yashiro Lodge

  • Hinoemataonsen~by bus(30min) ⇒ Nanairi~by bus(15min) ⇒ Miike~by bus(30min) ⇒ Numayama-toge(Elevation:1,800m)~by walk(6.6km120min) ⇒ Nujiri~by walk(5.0km120min) ⇒ Yashiro Lodge

The duration of each course is just for reference. Actual time will depend upon age, experience, and physical strength of the hiker.

By car

Tohoku Expressway

Nishinasunoshiobara I.C ⇒ R400 ⇒ vis Ogashira-tunnel ⇒ R121・Hayasaka ⇒ R352 ⇒ Hinoemata village ⇒ Nanairi

※Note Please note that no private motor vehicles are allowed in Oze; there is an entry restriction at Naniri~Miike~Numayama-toge (pass).

Information on traffic measures at Numayama-toge.

Niigata Pref Access from Niigata Pref

By public transportation

JR Joetsu Shinkansen or Joetsu line

From Urasa Sta. or Koide Sta. via Ginzan lake to Numayama-toge
Bus ⇒ Sightseeing Boat ⇒ Bus

1.Local bus(Urasa Sta.~ Koide Sta. ~ Okutadami)
Departure time
・Limited express 7:50
・Express 13:40
Uonuma City Tourist Association

2.Sightseeing Boat(Okutadami~Ozeguchi)※Reservation-only
Departure time
・7:50(Only weekend and public holidays from June 1st to October 15th and Everyday from July 15th to August 13th.)
Okutadami Kanko(Lake Okutadami Sightseeing Boat)

(If there are vacant seats you can get on without reservation.)
The bus leaves according to the arrival time of the boat.
Aizu Bus

By car

Kan-Etsu Expressway

Koide I.C ⇒ R352(Silver Line) ⇒ via Ginzandaira ⇒ Miike Parking → Numayama-toge

Miike Parking~Numayama-toge SLodgetle bus

Please ask anything about the trip route, resavations, etc.
Uonuma City Tourist Association